easy hairstyle for a bohemian bride
Enkel frisyr för den bohemiska bruden

This hair style might be the easiest ever. But still totally stunning! This half do is perfect for a bohemian bride, or for a bride with a really simple, clean dress.

To create this look you need:
A curler
Hair spray
Hair brush
Hair pins in the same color as your hair
The Wild Rose Accessories Vendela hair pins

How to:
1. Brush your hair.
2. Curl your hair with a curler and spray each curl with hair spray.
3. Brush through all your curls with a brush and then with your fingers to create a natural look.
4. Take a strand of hair from the left side of your face and twist it. Pull it to the back of your head and attach it with a hair pin, underneath a layer of hair.
5. Repeat step 4 on the right side of your face.
6. Spray hairspray all over your hair style to keep it in place.
7. Put your Vendela hair pins in. Just stick them in your hair and bend the pin up to make it stay.

Photo: Isabelle Hesselberg, 2 Brides Photography // Hair & accessory: The Wild Rose Accessories // Lace top: Deviyani Cockcroft 



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